Stories told the day after …

Its done !!! We finished the race and it was a great race !!!

9 Ships started and 9 Ships finished after 82km race, glorious battles with other ships and 4 checkpoints and three pages full of brainheating questions, tests and challenges.  It was cold, wet, colder, more wet and got even colder and more wet along the road. Especially the small roads to certain checkpoints where snowcovered and only the tallbike- and hochrad-riders managed to kept dry feet.  We had flat tires, loose brackets …, we were ambushed and honked by cars … but we survived and finally found home, comfort and reward in the biggest pirate-queen ever : MAMA ROWDIE !!!    THNX for organizing.

and now when the battle is over, we can listen to the Songs of the Crews after their fiercefull battles …  read on …

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